Five Reason To Practice Yoga On A Regular Basis At Home

Five Reason To Practice Yoga On A Regular Basis At Home 

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If you are not a fan of fast-paced workout practices and are looking for alternative home exercise programs, then practicing Yoga is definitely for you.

A gift from India, the practice originated 5,000 years ago and finds its first mention in the sacred text of Rig Veda. Today, people from all over the world practice it. Depending on what you like, you will find a Yoga style that works for you.

But why is practicing Yoga in your daily life so beneficial? For one, it not only burns your calories, but it is a total workout for your mind and body. Moreover, you can easily start a simple routine from the comfort of your home. 

Unlike rigorous workouts were going to a gym, having a trainer, and access to equipment is a necessity, Yoga only relies on your body weight. We give you five reasons why making it a daily practice at home will help you in the long run!


  • Better Mental Health

Just like other forms of exercise, Yoga can have a positive effect on your mental health. According to studies published by the Frontiers in Psychiatry in 2013, many yogis say that the practice grounds them, increases their awareness, and gives them a sense of being in their bodies.


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  • Improved Flexibility And Mobility

If you suffer from body stiffness and are looking to improve your flexibility and mobility then Yoga is the practice for you.  During your routine, practicing slow movements and breathing exercises can warm up your muscles and improve your strength.


  • Better Heart Health


Daily meditative practice at home can be a blessing for your heart. Studies show that Yoga reduces the level of stress, lowers cholesterol levels, and slows the progression of heart ailments.

Moreover, studies say that yogis over the age of 40 had lower blood pressure when compared to others.


Regular Yoga improves Heart health


  • Stress Management

According to the National Institutes of Health, meditative practices have a domino effect on all aspects of your life. It lowers your level of cortisol (stress hormone) but also has a positive effect on your mental health, lifestyle habits, and quality of sleep.

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  • Get Better At Other Workouts

We know that people get bored with practicing the same exercise routine again and again. However, meditative exercises can help you out here as well. According to yoga movement therapists, regular practice of yoga makes you more adaptable to perform other types of workouts.

Better mental health, improved flexibility, improved heart health, stress management, and exercise adaptability skills are just some of the scientifically backed reasons to practice Yoga!

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